Group Companies

NKG Fazendas Brasileiras Ltda.

Rodovia Fernao Dias
BR 381, Km 642
CEP 37.262-000
Santo Antonio do Amparo
Minas Gerais

Tel.: +55 - 35 - 3863 2950
Fax: +55 - 35 - 3863 2999
E-mail: lagoa@nkgfazendas.com

Environmental conditions at Fazenda da Lagoa are ideal for the sustainable production of premium coffees.

Small streams from at least 42 natural springs on the estate gradually converge into two small rivers. These are a distinctive feature of the plantation as well as a valuable source of life for innumerable plants and animals. Woodlands and swamp areas cover around 30% of the total farm area and represent important ecological zones on the plantation. They help maintain a healthy biodiversity with all its positive impacts for the biological control of plague and disease.




A sustainable approach to coffee farming also offers direct benefits for farm workers.

The farm supports housing for currently 16 families and has two picker lodgments for seasonal workers. Farm workers are provided with suitable clothing for their tasks on the farm and moreover receive a permanent employment status thus enabling them to join the Brazilian social welfare system which ensures a number of important social services like health care. In order to ensure an effective, sustainable coffee production, all permanent employees receive specific training to further develop their skills.