Group Companies

NKG Fazendas Brasileiras Ltda.

Rodovia Fernao Dias
BR 381, Km 642
CEP 37.262-000
Santo Antonio do Amparo
Minas Gerais

Tel.: +55 - 35 - 3863 2950
Fax: +55 - 35 - 3863 2999
E-mail: lagoa@nkgfazendas.com

Our staff

During the harvest...

there are about 550 pickers working on the farm, two groups of them stay in the newly constructed picker lodgings. Our agricultural staff is highly experienced and many have a special bonding to Fazenda da Lagoa since their parents or grandparents were already working on the farm.

Team management style...

of Fazenda da Lagoa gives development opportunities for young professionals in all areas of coffee production and thereby has created a highly motivated team spirit and positive working atmosphere on all levels of the workforce.