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NKG Fazendas Brasileiras Ltda.

Rodovia Fernao Dias
BR 381, Km 642
CEP 37.262-000
Santo Antonio do Amparo
Minas Gerais

Tel.: +55 - 35 - 3863 2950
Fax: +55 - 35 - 3863 2999
E-mail: lagoa@nkgfazendas.com

The origins of Fazenda da Lagoa date back to 1764, when the Portuguese crown donated the property to the so-called Jangada, the earliest ancestor of its agricultural director J. Paiva.



It is one of the oldest coffee farms in the region of the "Campo das Vertentes" and up to today has nearly maintained the same size. In fact, the first coffee tree of the municipal was planted here in the middle of the 19th century.

In February 2003, this medium-sized Brazilian coffee farm with its 3.506 hectares of land, which had been owned by the Aguiar Paiva family for many generations, became part of the farming activities of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.