Group Companies

NKG Fazendas Brasileiras Ltda.

Rodovia Fernao Dias
BR 381, Km 642
CEP 37.262-000
Santo Antonio do Amparo
Minas Gerais

Tel.: +55 - 35 - 3863 2950
Fax: +55 - 35 - 3863 2999
E-mail: lagoa@nkgfazendas.com

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Fazenda da Lagoa explicitly welcomes visits from clients.

At our original guest house we offer up-to-date service and all modern comfort. Groups of up to 10 guests can enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful natural setting of the ancient farmhouse.


Visitors experience at Fazenda da Lagoa how

  • tradition,
  • history and
  • modern technology

successfully combined create the basis for exemplary coffee cultivation.